Capsule SEO, a unique SEO agency

Specialized in offering SEO services, particularly in link building, Capsule SEO provides a wise alternative for companies and web agencies that do not have the expertise or the necessary time to stay on top of daily modifications, by offering the most complete natural link building services.

We elaborate comprehensive, cost-effective link building strategies which are viable in the long term since they are founded on personalized plans, adapted specifically to each project. With over 700 completed projects, we are proud to have been able to contribute to each of our clients’ satisfaction.

  • Meticulous, we don’t leave anything to chance.
  • Professional, we treat our clients with the same level of care with which we would like to be treated.
  • Ambitious and flexible, we thrive on challenges and know how to use our creativity to elaborate innovative and efficient strategies.

We wish to provide optimal and durable results, towards the achievement of our clients’ goals as well as building a relationship of confidence with our clients. In order to achieve our purpose, we believe it is essential to offer services in which quality, transparency, respect and attention to detail are a top priority.

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Your satisfaction is our motivation, hence we put our knowledge and experience at your disposal.

Capsule SEO administrator and Capsule Web founder, François Painchaud is incredibly passionate about web marketing. For François, innovation has no limits and he attributes the secret behind his 10 years of continued success to his insatiable curiosity. Throughout the years, he has acquired diversified as well as international experience, thanks to numerous projects executed in several different industries and countries.

As part of a team that shares the same interest for customer service as himself, he has all the resources necessary to surpass his clients’ expectations.

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